Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Fabulous Flowers

These flowers are easy to create and are great for cards, layouts, paper arts projects and more!

Rosette Flower
Step 1: Cut patterned paper to 1”h x 12”w. Score every 1/4”. Accordion fold paper.

Step 2: Place adhesive on one end of the accordion and adhere to the other end of the accordion strip. This should create a circle.

Step 3: Push circle flat and place a glue dot on the center. Turn over and add glue to the center.  Add another glue dot and cover with paper circle.
* Hot glue gun can also be used to keep your rosette flowers intact.
* Embellish the rosette by adding a button or jewel to the center. You can also punch out 3 different sized circles. Layer and adhere circles to rosette.

Roll-Up Flower

Step 1: Cut a 3 1/4” square, tear into a circle. Draw a spiral and tear along your pencil lines.

Step 2: Start on the outer edge and tightly roll. Continue rolling working your way towards the center.

Step 3: Place a small piece of red liner tape on the center of the circle and adhere flower.

Scalloped Edge Flower and Crimped Leaves

Scalloped Flower

Step 1: Punch out five 2” scalloped circles.

Step 2: Fold in thirds. Adhere the scalloped edges together. Repeat step with remaining circles.

Step 3:  Stack and arrange. Adhere petals together.

Crimped Leaves

Step 1: Draw two leaves onto patterned paper. Fold in half.

Step 2:
 Accordion fold the leaves, then flatten out the leaves.

Tulle Flower

Step 1: Punch out a 2” circle. Cover with tape or adhesive.

Step 2: Cut 19” pieces of aqua and peach tulle. Tie a knot on one end. Adhere the knot into the center of the circle. 

Step 3: Twist and wrap tulle until the circle is completely covered.

Step 4: Adhere the end underneath. Adhere flower to card.

Cupcake Liner Flower

Note: Skip step 1 if you are not adding color to your liners.
Step 1: Lay 5 white mini cupcake liners flat on a piece of parchment paper. Spray Glimmer Mist on all of the liners and let them air dry.

Step 2: Fold liner in half. Pinch the middle and fold the outside edges towards the center, this will create a pie shape. Repeat step with the remaining 4 liners. Add a glue dot to the points of the pie shaped liners.

Step 3: Punch or cut out a 1” circle. Adhere a liner to the circle with the point towards the center. Adhere the next liner slightly overlapping the first one. Continue layering and adhering the liners going clockwise.

Step 4: To make the flower blossom start from the back. Reach inside the first petal and twist the inside edge towards the middle. Repeat step for remaining petals. 

Embellish the center of the flower by adhering a sentiment, button, or jewel.