Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

To start the New Year we have created a quick calendar project that you can duplicate.
Start your project with a 12" x 12" piece of cream colored cardstock. Fold the cardstock in half. Keep the creased edge along the top.

To decorated the project, three sheets of cardstock and one sheet of the frames from the Country Roads paper collection was used to decorate the folded cream cardstock. I will add family photos to my project later.

This fun 2012 calendar paper from Pinecone Press is used to add the months and the icons. For the months cut out a 2" square and center it with temporay adhesive onto the month and cut around to make each month a 2" square to fit the project better.  Place months onto project as shown in photos. Center a ruler along the bottom edge of the project and mark at 4" and 8". Punch a hole for the ribbon to go through. Insert the ribbon and space the project apart so it can stand on a table, then tie ribbon into a bow. You will see three months on each side. For the next six months just undo the ribbon, fold project in half the other way and reinsert the ribbon. You could take a family photo Jan., April, July and October and add to your project. A great way to see the changes throughout the year. Especially with growing kids. Click the links above to place an order for your paper to complete your project. Enjoy!